Guap Shop


T. Johnson

mieux connu comme (better known as) Rico BlaQ (Born July 25, 1988 Dallas Texas) Urban Couture clothing de-signer whose creations domi-nate the ever changing scen-ery of Dallas’ up and com-ing fashion landscape.

Identifiable by the interlock-ing double “G” logo GUAP Global Clothing was born out of Blaq’s individual style and experience in the hip-hop community with artist “Big Chief” and super pro-ducer “Mista-E”. Rico BlaQ looked to innovate the urban apparel market by construct-ing and packaged his idea in a visionary work of art that not only appeals to the hip-hop community but lur-es the masses who understand artistry, obstacles, lost and attainment.

While Blaq has no tradi-tional design experience he has been able to use his personal aesthetic, countless hours of re-search and the aide of his wife Koco Blaq (Lynda Cook-Johnson) to perfect the craft of not only design-ing the hottest slogans and abstract patterns but also to become a savvy business man. GUAP has removed its manufacturing costs from the bottom line by produc-ing his own products. This dynamic is the perfect storm of seamless procurement and trendsetting agility. GUAP is able to generate exclusive and original clothing for its customer base with up to the mi-nute relevance.

With the momentum of the line gaining a cult following Rico BlaQ de-livers his vision in a relevant and tailored way.

GUAP’s mantra of “Get Up And Prosper” is the motto by which this owner/ de-signer lives not only in his personal life but the same drive is also evident in the advertising campaigns for the line. Blaq uses his social media sites to ensure his core demographic is kept abreast of the new and hot offerings from his line with inspira-tional quotes and eye catch-ing photographs. Rico has committed himself to providing beautiful attire with edgy overtones. The best is yet to come.